Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lava Escape - Terraria minigame

I made a minigame called 'Lava Escape' in Terraria.

Goal is to reach the Golden Chest in a minecart by only using the jump key(space).

The mechanics are adopted (stolen) from Mocha's Minecart Obstacle Minigame and another minecart minigame concept also by Mocha. Thank you Mocha! :) I hope its ok.
I have to thank Plantszaza too, who is testing the game in the video.

1. Start by mounting the rail in the starting box to the top right.
2. Only key allowed and needed to play is jump [space].
3. No altering of speed [left or right arrow keys]. Stay at 20mph.
4. Try to reach the goal, the Golden Chest, by jumping at the right times.
5. If you get stuck, you have to reset  through the teleporter.
6. If you use the teleporter you loose one life.
(a flashing skull indicates a lost life)
7. The number of lifes lost is your (negative) score.
Best score is 0

on reddit/r/terraria

feedback is welcome!

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