Tuesday, March 22, 2016


The Atomium is a building in Brussels originally constructed for Expo 58, the 1958 Brussels World's Fair. I recreated it in Terraria and submitted it to the Creation Compendium #35 at Terraria Community Forums

Thursday, March 17, 2016

We need more Badgers!

I played around with the free version of the video editing software lightworks and made a thing for the Terraria Streamer TheVideoGameBadger:

Watch Badger playing Terraria at Twitch.
He is currently in a no armor hardcore expert mode run!
He also just finished his challenge of streaming a whole year every single day!


Videos i used are:
Badger Badger Badger : Silly Song : JellyBug
Bait Farm Tutorial
Rap single incoming
Super Compact Housing Tutorial
Early Look - Stardew Valley #1
Terraria: Water Dupe Trick!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Avatar by Ajidot!

Today in Ajidot s stream i won a doodle:

Thank you Ajidot!

More Art by Ajidot: http://ajidot.deviantart.com/
Ajidots Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ajidot918

I tried to color it, its my new avatar on TCF, Twitter and Youtube/Google!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

slow little minecart ride - 100 Follower on youtube special!

Recently i hit the 100 follower mark on youtube!

Thank you to my first 100 followers on Youtube!

this video is for you!

slow little minecart ride

built on Fireblossom Server in 2015

thanks for the help:



the spice hunter

special guest:
Theo's Vanity Box

Non Copyrighted Music: Tobu - Mesmerize
from youtube channel: Free Songs To Use

special Thank you to

(you made the best game!)

Terraria community
(keep being awesome!)

some screenshots:
slow little minecart ride

What are your Terraria tips that most people don't know about?

Seriou asked on reddit: What are your Terraria tips that most people don't know about?

My answer was:
  • Use the turtle mount to build your sky- (asphalt) bridge by holding arrow-key and mouse button - semi afk. It is slower but you dont have to be careful to make a step too much and fall down
  • In your Documents/MyGames/Terraria folder is a file called config.json. In this file you can turn on or off various things that are not in the options in game (they all have names that are self explaining).
    i recommend
    "ThickMouseEdges": true,
    "ThickMouseEdgesPackedColor": 4294967295,
    for a thick mouse cursor outline, more info in this thread.
    "UseSmartCursorForCommonBlocks": true,
    for smart building mode with normal blocks
  • For more fun while playing terraria:
    Everytime you see one or two eyes, help your brain to see a face. Your buildings and landscapes make ugly faces.
    Use the gravity globe, tab until map overlay, zoom in map with (+) until it overlaps (max zoom) and go in a cave. Happy Trip!

Check out the thread at Reddit to see all the tips, and maybe add your own!