Sunday, October 4, 2015

Some recommendations on what to make furniture out of...

RobinVerhulstZ asked on reddit: Need some recommendations on what to make castle furnitrue and stairs out of...

When i search for fitting furniture i always take a look at a picture like this

out of this thread: "Model homes, updated for!" by fyrenwater

Remember that you can paint the furniture so it matches the style of your build. For help with painting take a look at this thread: "A Guide To Painting Terraria - Chapter 1: Themed Furniture" by PaintingTerraria

I would also recommend that you dont fill your build up to much until its too cramped.

Forrgott added:
The little things make the difference sometimes; an extra pot here for weeds to grow in, a platform painted to match the background with a bottle or plates on it, etc . . .

Do you have further recommendations?